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Leicestershire Council agree contract with school wellbeing platform youHQ

Kent and Leicestershire, UK - 5th April 2023 - Leicestershire County Council have signed a contract to fund the roll out of youHQ in all 48 of their secondary schools. This announcement comes after a successful pilot of the wellbeing and personal development app in six schools across the county.

Jon and Jez meet with Leicestershire County Council's Sham Mahmood (centre) to discuss the use of the youHQ wellbeing platform in Leicester schools.
From left to right, Jon Ford, LCC's Sham Mahmood, and Jez Belas.

youHQ was created in 2020 by a team of graduates from the University of Exeter. They came together to invent an app to aid children's mental health and wellbeing. Since then, youHQ has been regularly used by pupils and education staff to facilitate pastoral conversations, provide vital interventions, and empower student emotional health.

The schools in the Leicestershire pilot found the digital solution helps them to:

  • Identify and highlight students in need of support

  • Uncover and manage safeguarding concerns

  • Offer a wellbeing digital resource to all students 24/7

  • Track and monitor whole-school wellbeing

“It’s helped us to reach all those students who haven't had the courage or confidence to reach out"

The youHQ platform will form part of the council's wider Teen Health 11-19 service. More details on how Leicestershire schools can access the programme can be found here.

Children's Health Commissioner for Leicestershire County Council, Sham Mahmood, has been integral in creating the new teen health service. She said:

"youHQ will be an invaluable tool for the council in helping schools support the mental health of our young people"

youHQ CEO Jon Ford also expressed his excitement in the Leicestershire County Council deal:

"The team and I are raring to go to help the schools in the county support their children's mental health and wellbeing through youHQ. We are also developing a dashboard to allow council leaders to view live trends affecting student wellbeing in each area, by school, age and gender"

For more details, please visit the youHQ website or email


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