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Student Feedback and Testimonials

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I think it is good because it helps release stress, anxiety, emotions, and what is causing this. It is also good because it helps encourage people to be mindful.

- Anonymous, Sevenoaks Prep School

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I like this app to share my feelings and about myself.

- Anonymous, The Winstanley School

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I find it helpful for setting targets because it [sends] you reminders to your email account if there's things you want to progress in.


[With the journal feature] I just love getting out my feelings and I like how it's private to me.

- Year 6 Student, BISAD

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- Year 11 Student at Turner Free School

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The thing that I like most about youHQ is the goalsetting. I feel like it helps me, especially with revision at the moment because I’m in year 11, with all my GCSEs and stuff. I can set goals for stuff I want to revise and expand on.

I can set a goal: ‘I need to do this amount of maths mock questions in two weeks’ and then I achieve it and I feel really good about myself. I can tick it and I’m always on to the next goal.

- Anonymous, Newton Prep

What I like about this [youHQ] is that the videos are very informative and I like how you earn currency from it.

- Anonymous, Sevenoaks Prep School

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It's a good way to share your emotions if you can't talk about them face-to-face.

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- Callie, Year 11 Student at Leighton Park School

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In year 8, we used youHQ weekly and were given time in our tutor time to log on and set our goals and review our old goals. We made sure that our goals were a mix of academics and stuff outside of lessons that we enjoy.


Now that I’m in year 11, we log onto youHQ fortnightly, which is a little bit less, but we’re much more independent when we do use it and [...] we use the resources a lot.

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