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wellbeing support
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trusts and councils

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 View data and trends across the whole trust or local authority

Easy to implement     Consistent, accessible care for all students

Tested and approved by Councils and MATs

In April 2023, after a successful six-month pilot, Leicestershire County Council officially adopted youHQ as part of their 11-16 Teen Health programme. 

Working alongside the council (and in partnership with the 48 secondary schools and colleges in the region), the Central Dashboard was designed as an indispensable hub for monitoring and analysing wellbeing data trends.

This comprehensive dashboard collates a variety of insightful metrics, from mood data averages to attributing factors, providing a holistic overview of the community's wellbeing.


Through intuitive visualizations and customisable features, decision-makers can effortlessly track shifts in emotional health, identify vulnerable groups, and gauge the efficiency of implemented interventions.


Real-time updates empower selected staff members and senior leaders to make informed decisions swiftly, fostering proactive strategies to bolster overall wellbeing across educational and community landscapes.


The platform's user-friendly interface and data-driven approach serve as a beacon of guidance, steering schools and councils towards effective action and a flourishing future.

Mood Tracker
Wellbeing tracker

"an invaluable tool for the council in helping schools support the mental health of our young people"

Sham Mahmood, Children's Health Commissioner for Leicestershire County Council

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