Teacher and Pupil look over comprehension test results.

For Teachers and Staff

With ongoing uncertainty, stress, and disrupted learning environments it's really important to have a solution in place to monitor and manage staff wellbeing.

If your school doesn’t have a plan in place, we can help...

The teacher wellbeing app will enable teachers to effectively set and schedule goals, while also giving them the skills to look after their mental and physical health.  The wellbeing app also enables schools to identify and offer extra support to the students that might need it – easily and remotely through our FOCUS feature.

The platform gives schools the opportunity to effectively appraise their team and monitor their progress with our teacher surveys and mood indicator tool.

Application features

  • Improve performance with goal setting

Gives skills to improve performance and motivation through setting goals with our easy to use platform.

  • Encourage creativity

Allows teachers to create ideas which they can later turn into powerful goals.

  • Track progress and impact

Enables the teacher and management to simultaneously monitor progress and impact

  • Bespoke to your school

We know each school has different requirements, so the platform can be set up specifically to your own values, content, colours and logo.

  • Help teachers plan & schedule

The platform makes it easy for teachers to schedule actions so they can stay organised.

  • Improve teacher wellbeing

Gives teachers the skills to self regulate their emotions and stay fit and healthy.

  • Remotely support your team

24/7 online resources to help teachers stay emotionally strong.

  • Effective teacher appraisals

Monitor and track the performance and wellbeing of your team and gain better insight into your teams emotional health and performance.

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