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Comprehensive Wellbeing SnapShot

Effortlessly understand the wellbeing profile of your students

Produce a data driven temperature check to highlight those students who may not have the confidence to speak up

  • Only £99 for up to 250 users

  • 1 quick validated wellbeing survey and mood check-in

  • Instantly get your report back

  • Trial it with a single class or year group

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Trusted by over 50,000 students and teachers

Instantly assess your school's wellbeing support needs

Identify areas of concern such as anxiety, self-image, stress, social media, and relationships, allowing you to take proactive measures to support your students effectively. Relieve the pressure on your Safeguarding and Pastoral care teams by discovering wellbeing concerns before they become full Safeguarding Referrals.

See what insights you could gain about your students with just one simple survey

Are you sure you know every child at risk?

The Wellbeing SnapShot report provides an opportunity for students to reach out when they may normally not have the confidence to speak up.

Our snapshot surveying tool has already enabled schools globally to highlight children who they would not of been aware with out the use of youHQ.

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See the students with the most concerning scores


Get a detailed breakdown of the students who scored lowest so that you can get them the support that they need

Get data broken down by Year

Enabling you to provide individual classes and year groups with tailored support based on their wellbeing needs

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See insights in an instant

Receive a tailored report that highlights the wellbeing status of your students in real-time.  You will be able to view students by class, mood, or wellbeing score.

If you are looking for regular wellbeing check-ins, then it is possible to buy and administer several
Wellbeing SnapShot reports per year. Alternatively, you can upgrade to our youHQ essentials or complete packages.

Early intervention made easy

Identify potential red flags early on and intervene promptly. The Wellbeing SnapShot allows you to detect signs of distress, providing an opportunity for timely support and intervention, ultimately preventing long-term negative impacts on your students' mental health.

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Gather wellbeing data quickly

We have created this tool to enable you to gather the data you need to help students improve their mental wellbeing, without requiring hours of work.

We understand school resources are stretched thin. Our tool helps catch pastoral care problems before they become time-consuming Safeguarding referrals.

Learn how schools are using wellbeing data to improve student outcomes


How long will the Wellbeing SnapShot take my students?

Each student will be sent a magic link to their school email address. No login is required as the link will instantly open up the World Health Organisation validated wellbeing survey and youHQ mood check. It should take them no more than 2 mins!

How quickly will I get my report?

You will start to receive the data in real-time so you can access results and monitor completion rates simultaneously.

Do I need to get parents consent first?

Your school will need to decide on whether you wish to gain consent from parents.  Under UK law schools have a duty of care for pupils so it normally is not necessary, however many schools like to inform parents.  We have an example parent letter in our welcome pack which you will receive on sign up.

Effortlessly understand the wellbeing profile of your school today

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