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Wellbeing & Personal Development Workshops

We’re passionate about people and love working with students, staff and parents directly. We offer specialist sessions remotely or face-to-face with a focus on health, wellbeing, character education, and personal development.

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Trending Classes

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Frensham Heights:
Pillars of Wellbeing

"Jez visited our school and delivered a really engaging and interactive session with our Year 10 and 11 students.


The talk was thoughtful and ideas around values-led wellbeing resonated with our young people. The students also enjoyed the active workshop which helped them see the benefit of physical activity to mental health."

Jack Talman, DSL & Head of PSHE

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Evendons Primary:
Assembly on Resilience

"It was great to have Jez in talking to the students [in years 3 - 6] about practical examples of resilience. 


Jez had helped me get through my first Tough Mudder event a few weeks beforehand, so he used that story and some of the obstacles as metaphors to engage the students. [...] It was great! He even got the students involved, as some of them took part in the Kids' Tough Mudder event. The key takeaway was that you can overcome obstacles in life with resilience."

Stacey Read, Head

Brunel University:
Mental Health Workshop

"The Co-Innovate programme at Brunel University London has successfully delivered collaborations between academia and industry since 2012.


Thank you to business like youHQ, for coming on campus and presenting projects to our students and for choosing to collaborate with Computer Science Postgraduate students. We look forward to welcoming youHQ back in campus in the next academic year."

Gurnum Selvarajah, Innovation Director

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Stamford Schools:
Pillars of Wellbeing

"Great to welcome Jez Belas from youHQ to talk to our Y12s and Y13s about the pillars of wellbeing. Lots of great conversations today in our seminar groups about how we can look after ourselves!


Highly recommend Jez as a speaker - very positive reviews from staff and students!"

Matt Phillips, Chaplain

Where and when can classes take place?

Our classes can take place at a time convenient to you and can be made bespoke to your needs. They can take place either online or face-to-face.

Why we created these wellbeing and personal development classes

Our innovative platform has been supporting and identifying students in need since 2020.

The wellbeing data gathered by youHQ has been incredibly effective, highlighting individual cases and illustrating a wider picture across the whole-school community. 

With youHQ's insights, schools have been able to discover the issues affecting their students and teachers. Our live wellbeing and personal development classes were founded to help address these topics.

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Where it began

Casterton College has been using youHQ since September 2022. Their wellbeing data revealed that many of their students were attributing 'poor sleep' as a main reason for low mood.


Using our specialist expertise, we created a sleep session for the students at Casterton. Initially a live class for an assembly, the recorded session now sits on their youHQ platform for all students to access 24/7.

Unlike other wellbeing workshop providers, we create our sessions based on the live data trends we are seeing within youHQ user school communities.

Do I need to have youHQ to access these wellbeing and personal development sessions?

Put simply, no! You can pick from any of our trending sessions whether you subscribe to youHQ or not. We can also tailor classes to your own needs based on your requirements.  




Live online class for students, teachers or parents:

- 45-60 mins 

- Bespoke to your school

- Fully qualified trainers




In-person class for students, teachers or parents:

- 45-60 mins 

- Bespoke to your school

- Fully qualified trainers

Our Workshop Facilitators


Jon Ford

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Qualified sports and exercise scientist. Performance and wellbeing coach, trained in both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Founder of youHQ and Become Inspired Coaching.

Jon is an avid goalsetter.


Jeremy Belas

Co-Founder &

Engagement Director

Former Director of Sport and Wellbeing at a prestigious UK Independent School in Berkshire. 

Passionate about wellbeing through exercise, he believes that better education comes from happier children and teachers.


Dr Alistair Bailie

Co-Founder &

Wellbeing Director

Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS and private sector for 15+ years.

Dr Alistair Bailie (also known as Dr Bear) believes in innovative, evidence-based practice and is trained in psychological therapies, including CBT, ACT, NET, EMDR, and Systemic Therapies.

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Special Guests

from across the wellbeing and education sectors

We bring in a range of experts depending on the topic being covered.

Previous experts include: Danny Williams (Judo Coach, Commonwealth Games Champion, and Youth Worker)

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