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Make schools 'APPIA' with youHQ

With youHQ in your corner, you can look at every possible angle of the school and see intuitively how the mood is across the board. We've designed our whole-school APPIA model to help teachers identify those in need and inspire everyone to flourish.

A for Awareness

Students are encouraged to self-reflect and share how they are feeling via simple mood emoji check in and the globally recognised WHO-5 wellbeing survey. This information is visible to the individual student, assigned tutor and/or any other chosen pastoral staff.

  • Help students raise their emotional intelligence

  • Allow students to silently raise flags

  • Build trusting relationships with their tutor

  • Gives SLT an overview of mood by individual, class, whole school, and even by individual schools for MATs and Councils*

* individual personal data is never shared outside of school

P is for Prevention

We provide wellbeing and CBT-style resources that enhance long-term mental health conditioning and personal development. Resource areas include resilience, self-help, anxiety, and much more. 

Our automated staff dashboard can be tailored to individual staff to alert them to any students in need.

  • Resources updated weekly by youHQ

  • Fully customisable area allows schools and teachers to promote preferred content

  • Cover a wide range of mental health conditioning

  • Can be aligned to school's core values

  • Dedicated support page where students can silently reach out

Positive Habits

P is for Positive Habits

Our student-centric values-based goalsetting feature is what really sets youHQ apart from other school wellbeing trackers. We introduce the values concept to help students understand themselves, so that they can set a course towards living their own version of success and happiness, rather than comparing themselves to others.

At every turn, students are rewarded with GOALd, our positive currency - to drive motivation and platform engagement, thus establishing positive habits.

  • Help students identify what matters most to them

  • Introduction to SMART goals

  • Engagement encouraged by gamification and reward


I is for Intervention

We make it our mission to strengthen mental health, but when crisis occurs, we're building warning signs to improve the speed and quality of intervention.

  • Easy to find 'red flags' at individual level to whole-school view

  • Create focus groups for extra care and support

  • Student-Teacher conversation logs help to coordinate intervention action plans


A is for Alert

For individuals with more worrying, persistent trends, or who require urgent attention, teachers can quickly and securely register safeguarding concerns via our in-app integration with the UK's leading safeguarding specialists - CPOMS and MyConcern (The Safeguarding Company). They can also initiate an immediate conversation with the nominated pastoral leads or school DSLs. This is a new wave of 'informed safeguarding'.

  • Student low mood notifications for tutors

  • Swift and focused attention for all required parties

  • Integration with the UK's leading safeguarding specialists

  • Informed safeguarding

Learn more about Safeguarding with youHQ

"It's helped us to reach all those students who haven't had the courage or confidence to reach out"

Katie, Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) Lead - Rutland, UK

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