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primary school wellbeing app

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Friendly Mood Tracking Interface 

Age Appropriate Resources    ✔  Suitable for KS2 

Helping younger minds

Approximately 50% of all mental health problems start by or before the age of 14. It's vital to look after pupils before issues arise - and to help them develop the self-care strategies at an early age.

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youHQ's primary school wellbeing app is a comprehensive tool designed to prioritize the emotional health of young learners.


Our specifically curated learning hub helps teachers to go above and beyond in fostering resilience and mindfulness. By instilling these vital life skills in KS1 & KS2, your school can build a lifetime of mental strength and emotional wellbeing, preparing these pupils for a brighter future.

Mood Tracker
Wellbeing tracker

Hear from teachers using the
youHQ primary school wellbeing app:

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