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Grab 10% off for you and a friend

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Together, we can give young people the outstanding wellbeing support they deserve. Accelerate app innovation by recommending us to a new school - and get 10% off a year of youHQ!

youHQ wouldn't be here today if not for the brilliant students and staff using the app.

Tell a friend or colleague about youHQ and receive one of the following rewards upon successful sign-up of that referral:

  • 10% discount on your next subscription payment

  • Free upgrade from Essentials to our Complete package

  • Free upgrade in size of school - so you can add more users at no extra cost

  • A free youHQ Live Workshop Session

  • A donation to YoungMinds (or a charity of your choice)

The referred school will also receive a reward: 10% off their first year of youHQ.

How it works


1. Tell a friend working in a school or college

Recommend us in conversation or mention us in an email. Don't forget to give them your school name as a promo code when booking the demo.

Need some help with writing your referral? Take a look at our suggested email here.


2. They book a demo and start their youHQ journey

Your friend submits a request for a free product demo via our online form. They tell us about your recommendation and provide your school name. 


3. You choose (and receive) your reward

Once your friend's school has selected and confirmed a youHQ package, we'll get in touch to say thank you - and to confirm your choice of reward! 

Learn more about our Packages and Pricing Plans

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