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Taking care of the basics first

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It's well documented that individuals' most basic level of needs must be met before they become motivated to achieve higher-level needs. The fundamental psychological needs (food, water, warmth, and rest) help to explain and cultivate our behaviours and once these are relatively satisfied, safety needs take precedence and dominate how we behave.

This is exacerbated in children as they generally have a greater need to feel safe and if a student (or anyone for that matter!) does not feel safe in an environment, they will seek safety before even attempting to meet any higher level of survival, such as love, esteem, self-actualisation and the realisation of one's full potential.

To truly get the best out of students, to motivate, enthuse and inspire students, our primary goal will always be their safety and security. 

youHQ Focus

Keep a closer eye on those that may need more support

From within the youHQ platform, teachers can monitor continually low-mood students and add them to youHQ Focus groups. Students will remain saved in these groups until removed by the teacher to save time identifying those that may require additional support and targeted resources.

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youHQ Safeguarding
Prevention and early intervention

Although our main ambition is to develop the wellbeing skills of the students, youHQ can also help to unearth safeguarding concerns. If you've identified a student or students that require immediate safeguarding support you can now securely send the student's profile directly to MyConcern® or CPOMS - whilst never leaving the app.

If you currently do not use the MyConcern or CPOMS platform, talk to one of our advisors about a packaged deal.

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Improving pastoral care

Talking is part of the discovery

Taking the time to learn what's important to your students and helping to shape their values helps you to understand the child as a whole. This can provide conversation stimulus, drive engagement, and ultimately build trust so that if there are any issues - your student feels comfortable talking to you about them.


However, pastoral care doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Speak to one of our advisors about you can improve this area in your school.