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About youHQ

The youHQ digital platform safeguards whole-school wellbeing and provides students and teachers with the tools to flourish. Developed through in-school testing and trusted by thousands of users, youHQ creates a practical and outstanding wellbeing environment for everyone.


Our Mission.


In light of the concerning statistics surrounding the mental health of children and young individuals world wide we recognise the importance of providing them with the tools to cultivate resilience from an early age. At youHQ, our mission is clear: to equip young people with the life skills needed to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Acknowledging schools as ideal environments for fostering these essential life skills, we created youHQ to make a positive impact on the wellbeing and resilience of the younger generation.

Our Story.



Experiencing bereavement after the death of his grandad, Jon Ford is inspired to make a career change. A serial goalsetter, he dreams of making an app to manage his goals and help others succeed in their life ambitions.

He founds Life on Time Ltd, and alongside his university friends, spends over a year designing, building, and refining the app.



Life on Time secures the first school pilot of their wellbeing and personal development app in February 2020. 

The UK plunges into lockdown two weeks later. Leighton Park School uses the platform with their students through the unprecedented early days of COVID 🦠



The UK's first lockdown is lifted. Having received valuable feedback from Leighton Park, our school wellbeing app is officially launched in late August/early September.


Our team receives over 100 enquiries to pilot the platform in the first three days of launch.


Our Team.

youHQ has been created by Life on Time Ltd.  As parents, psychologists, and as learning specialists, we identified a huge hole in the way in which we coach vital life skills to our children and monitor their progress, which is why we have created youHQ - professional school wellbeing software.


Jon Ford

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Qualified sports and exercise scientist. Performance and wellbeing coach, trained in both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Founder of youHQ and Become Inspired Coaching.

Jon has more than 20 years of business and business growth experience. 


Jeremy Belas

Co-Founder &

Engagement Director

Former Director of Sport and Wellbeing at a prestigious UK Independent School in Berkshire. 

Jez has over 15 years of leadership experience in the Education sector. He believes that better education comes from happier children and teachers.


Dr Alistair Bailie

Co-Founder &

Wellbeing Director

Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS and private sector for 15+ years.

Dr Alistair Bailie (also known as Dr Bear) believes in innovative, evidence-based practice and is trained in psychological therapies, including CBT, ACT, NET, EMDR, and Systemic Therapies.


Martin Harling-Coward

Co-Founder &

Creative Director

Experienced marketing guru with over 20 years in private creative consultancy and the UK's top advertising agencies.

Martin is a self-proclaimed "sucker for amazing and unique insights" - and has worked in campaign concept development, brand creation, website building, and more.

Ian Batch.png

Ian Batcheldor

Web Developer &

Technical Director

Developer specialising in XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL.

Part of the youHQ journey from the beginning, Ian built the wellbeing platform and app from scratch. He has 21+ years of experience in the web industry - and he oversees all youHQ technical development.

Andrew Loveday.png

Andrew Loveday



Web specialist in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery coding. Experienced in both front end and back end development.

Andrew has worked as a developer for over 18 years - and has been working with youHQ since 2023.

Dr Ruba Tabari.png

Dr Ruba Tabari

Education Psychologist

& Consultant

Highly experienced education psychologist based in the UAE. Developer of the Wellbeing Framework at Abu Dhabi Department of Education.

Utilising more than 30 years of experience working with schools and families, Dr Ruba is an expert in psychology and school curricula.

Sophie Bass.png

Sophie Bass

Social Media &

Content Manager

The voice of youHQ across the internet. Webinar co-producer. Resource maker and creative extraordinaire.

Sophie has 5+ years of social media experience. Having joined the team in 2021, her versatility and expertise has brought youHQ to new audiences.

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