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Capture, record, and analyse wellbeing in real-time

Have you ever asked a teenager to tell you how they’re feeling?

Getting more than a ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m OK’ isn’t always easy. Home life could be complicated. Trust might be an issue. Just fitting in can be hard. There are so many reasons why students wear emotional masks at school. So asking about wellbeing and mood isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

A pair of mobile phones, one depicting the youHQ emoji mood tracker, the other below showing the youHQ app goals dashboard

With a degree of anonymity, this is where a digital aid can help. Our mood and wellbeing surveys track peaks and troughs of mood and wellbeing for individuals, classes, years, and even whole-schools. These real-time analytics help teachers and senior leadership teams to discover and understand school insights, evaluate the findings, and help them to build deliverable actions to maintain or better their existing approach. 

Mood emoji survey.png
Line graph displaying real-time wellbeing data from the youHQ mood tracker software.

youHQ Mood Tracker

A picture is worth a thousand words

Our simple emoji survey gives students an opportunity to quickly and safely express how they're feeling.

  • Easy to understand and complete for maximum response rate

  • Accurate feedback in real-time

  • Allows students a moments pause to briefly reflect on their own feelings

  • Provides students and teachers evidence-based analytics to help identify patterns in behaviour or inform intervention actions


User case:
An indication of mood is required by each student every time they log in. If there is consistently low mood, students can be added to youHQ Focus groups, to help those that may require further support and safeguarding.

Find out more about youHQ Focus >

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youHQ Wellbeing Tracker

Unlock student insights for smarter and faster intervention

Our surveys are based on globally recognised and highly validated criteria that help to determine low levels of wellbeing and possible depression.

  • Quick and short survey for maximum response rate

  • Accurate feedback in real-time

  • Helps students to identify areas in their life that need more support

  • Helps to identify if immediate help is required and provides a platform for longer term observations

Wellbeing survey.png
Mood Tracker
Wellbeing tracker
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