Understand unique motivations for every child

Our values-based goal setting helps individuals better understand and reinforce the personal qualities that they aspire to and wish to cultivate.


youHQ helps to locate the things that keep children well and highlight the moments when they improve. 

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Values FAQ

How does the platform work?

Start with what's important

After introducing students and teachers to the concept of values we begin to break down how they might start to choose theirs. 

There’s lots of words that can help describe who and what individuals want to be. The closer people live their life to these words the easier it is to help people feel good about themselves. We call these words ‘values’.

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Set goals against those personal values 

Values act as a compass to help individuals live like the person they want to be. From within youHQ, pupils AND tutors can set goals aligned to their values to help them stay on track. 

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Achieving your goals

One of the easiest ways of making goals achievable is breaking them down into smaller bite-size short-term objectives that we call actions. 


Images based on next software release Summer 2022

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