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Give every child the skills to thrive

At youHQ, we believe in the transformative power of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) – an evidence-based approach that equips young individuals with the skills they need to not just survive, but to thrive.

Our values-based goalsetting helps individuals better understand and reinforce the personal qualities that they aspire to and wish to cultivate.

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The Heart of ACT: Values-Based Goalsetting

At the core of ACT lies a unique emphasis on values-based goalsetting. Unlike traditional goal-setting approaches, which often focus solely on external achievements, ACT delves deeper into the individual's core values. We understand that success is not just about reaching a destination; it's about aligning your journey with your core values.

Immerse Values-Based Goalsetting in Your Character Education and Personal Development Curriculum

As schools increasingly prioritise character education and Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) or Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculums, youHQ is your partner in substantiating student progress in these vital areas.


Integrating values-based goalsetting into your curriculum, youHQ provides a dynamic platform where students actively engage in shaping their character and personal development. Our innovative approach allows students to accumulate points (GOALd) by discovering their unique values and achieving their goals.
Witness the impact, as exemplified by Leighton Park's success in winning the 2022 ISA Award for Excellence in Pupil Personal Development.


youHQ isn't just a support system for your curriculum; it becomes an integral part of fostering character growth, enriching PSHE, and enhancing SEL initiatives. Empower your students to thrive academically and personally through a curriculum that actively promotes values-driven goal setting.

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Values FAQ

  • How does youHQ work?
    youHQ is an customisable online platform, so teachers and students can login online 24/7 on any device. The platform has two login areas – one for teachers (admin) and one for students. The student area allows users to create ideas, set values based SMART goals and learn skills to improve personal development and overall wellbeing. The platform also measures mood and learning confidence based on the PSHE curriculum. The teacher area allows users to administer and manage students and teachers, PSHE content, school values, track mood and measure impact from our learning confidence survey.
  • How much does youHQ cost?
    Our mission is to help EVERY child & teacher, so we aim to make our platform affordable for all schools. Pricing is based on a yearly license fee which is based on the number of students and teachers using the platform. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for your school.
  • Will this provide more work for teachers?
    In short – No! - youHQ gives teachers the opportunity to store all PSHE, wellbeing and personal development in one location saving time. - youHQ has its own innovative PSHE resources allowing students to learn on their own – giving time back to teachers. - youHQ allows teachers to easily monitor the mood of their students and their learning confidence – saving time with hand written surveys and assessments. - youHQ gives teachers insight into their students goals and mood, helping them build rapport quickly and highlight potential issues before they become a problem.
  • How do you keep our information safe?
    All the data we collect is stored on servers which have encryption and are backed up regularly. The only people who can see the data are you the teachers who have admin access rights and the wonderful Life on Time developers who keep the youHQ safe and secure. Please see our privacy policy for more details.
  • Is the content age specific?
    Yes. The admin area allows teachers to make content available to specific classes. We can do this for you or teachers can manage this themself.
  • Do the youHQ resources cover whole school PSHE curriculum?
    youHQ has several different packages which cover the full PSHE curriculum. One of the key functions of the platform is that it allows you to mix existing school PSHE resources in one easy to use central location. So whether you need a whole school PSHE resource or just a selection, youHQ can work for your school.
  • How do I login to the platform?
    Each user will be set up with a user name which will be their email and a password which will be sent to their email address when we set up the platform. Users can change passwords when they have logged in and can use the forgotten password function if they forget.
  • Do you offer training to staff and pupils?
    Yes we do! It’s so important that all staff are trained on how to get the best out of youHQ. Although the platform is easy to use and we have helpful videos to help get students started we offer online webinars to all staff prior to you going live with the platform. We also have a team online and on the phone if you come up against any problems.
  • How long does the FREE trial last for?
    The idea behind offering a free trial is to let you see the value of the platform before you commit to paying the license fee. We want you to see it’s power in helping you manage wellbeing and improve personal development at your school, which is why we allow you 2 months to decide if you want to proceed further.

How does the platform work?

Start with what's important

After introducing students and teachers to the concept of values we begin to break down how they might start to choose theirs. 

There’s lots of words that can help describe who and what individuals want to be. The closer people live their life to these words the easier it is to help people feel good about themselves. We call these words ‘values’.

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Set goals against those personal values 

Values act as a compass to help individuals live like the person they want to be. From within youHQ, pupils and tutors can set goals aligned to their values to help them stay on track. 

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Achieving your goals

One of the easiest ways of making goals achievable is breaking them down into smaller bite-size short-term objectives that we call actions. 

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