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youHQ school Leighton Park wins ISA Award

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The 2022 Independent Schools Association Award for Excellence in Pupil Personal Development was awarded to Leighton Park School

Last week, Leighton Park School was awarded the Independent Schools Association Award for Excellence in Pupil Personal Development.

A user school since March 2020, pupils at Leighton Park explore their personal skills via our goal-setting platform and resource library. We're thrilled that the use of our wellbeing app has positively impacted upon student lives and contributed to the achievement of this award.

On Tuesday 22nd November, Leighton Park released a press statement. Within this statement, the school discusses the impact of youHQ:

"Leighton Park supports students to reflect on their own progress and values, and set personal targets. We were the first pilot school in the world to test, feedback and develop the values-based, goal-setting features of – an innovative digital personal development app. This programme works hand in glove with the School’s commitment to supporting the wider community [...]"


This article was created by Jon Ford, the founder and CEO of youHQ and Life on Time Ltd. Jon is a trained performance and wellbeing coach.

At youHQ, we believe in helping the mental health of teachers and students. Our cutting-edge app is changing the way schools care for their people.

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