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wellbeing solution for secondary schools

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Safeguard emotional health and personal development

Low maintenance, high impact monitoring    Engage and inspire pupils from Year 7 to 13

5 in 30 school children are likely to have a mental health problem

The youHQ wellbeing platform and app for secondary schools offers a multifaceted toolkit designed to highlight vulnerable students, provide support to all, and cultivate resilience.


A choice of psychology-based wellbeing surveys, such as the WHO-5 and GAD-7, enable pastoral staff to gauge student emotional health and track progress over time, guiding personalised interventions.


Moreover, our platform's emphasis on values-based goal setting empowers students to align their aspirations with intrinsic values, fostering a sense of purpose and positive fulfilment.


Our learning hub of carefully curated and original resources provides practical strategies for managing stress, enhancing coping mechanisms, and navigating the challenges of adolescent life.


By integrating these diverse elements, youHQ creates an inclusive, supportive ecosystem where with the support of the platform and staff, students can proactively nurture their health and wellbeing.

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Hear from teachers and school leaders using youHQ:

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Wellbeing tracker

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