How easy is it to implement?

We understand many schools have timetable constraints and limited IT resources, which is why we have made it super EASY to implement youHQ.


We offer all schools and colleges support and training bespoke to their needs on the youHQ platform. Upon sign up our training will help you to create a positive whole school approach to wellbeing and personal development. We’ll also run through:

  • How to get started (logging in and setting up users)

  • How to engage your team and students (How to videos, introducing scripts, 1-2-1 scripts)

  • How to manage and use the youHQ resources (adding, editing, and presenting)

  • How to gain support (for when questions arise)

  • Keeping your data secure (creating strong passwords and dealing with safeguarding concerns.

High-tech school with zero time

 For students who have access to a school PC, Laptop, tablet, but have zero time in their time table;


Engage and train staff

We have created a range of 'How to' videos and scripts so you get your staff and students up to speed in minutes. 


Fitting youHQ into the Timetable

If you have limited time we suggest introducing the platform to students in form/tutor time.  The more time you can allocate to the process the better, but recommend 20mins of tutor time per week as a min requirement.   

Low-tech school with zero time

For students who don't have access to a school PC, Laptop or tablet and have zero time in their time table;


Low Tech

youHQ is available on App Store and Google Play so students can access the platform on their phones. If your school has a zero phone policy then we suggest demonstrating the platform in form/tutor time and requesting students to use youHQ outside school as part of homework. 

Download youHQ - the school wellbeing app on the App Store.
Download youHQ - the school wellbeing app on the Google Play App Store.

How does it work?

Like all new software there may be a short learning period to build familiarity. We've put together a quick process overview to help guide you through those early stages

youHQ Cycle.png