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Explore Your Wellbeing Resource and Learning Hub

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Welcome to the Resource Hub, your one-stop destination for enhancing wellbeing literacy. Knowledge is power, and here, both staff and students will find a diverse array of resources, including videos, podcasts, exercises, and articles.

Our mission is simple: to empower everyone with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive, especially during times of change.

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Tailored to Your Preferences

We understand that everyone has their unique learning style. That's why our filtering system is designed to cater to individual preferences.


Whether a student prefers to watch, listen, read, or engage in hands-on activities, they can easily find content that suits their tastes and current needs.


For instance, when a quiet environment is essential, users can opt for articles, ensuring a comfortable and seamless learning experience.

Personalised Support

Our MoodSupport smart technology is here to assist you further. Based on the information provided during self-reflection surveys, we identify areas where individuals may benefit from additional support.


These personalised insights lead to bespoke resource recommendations delivered straight to the personal dashboard, ensuring everyone has access to the right materials when they need them most.

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Your Voice Matters

We're committed to providing our users with nothing but the best resources. Our team dedicates extensive time and effort to curate and create the perfect support materials. But we also believe in the power of feedback.


Every time a student or staff member accesses a resource, they have the opportunity to rate it. If something was exceptionally helpful, or it didn't quite hit the mark, we really want to know.


Input from our users guides our resource selection, ensuring that the most valuable materials rise to the top. It's a collaborative effort, and your voice shapes the learning experience for you and others.

Welcome to the Resource Hub
Personalised Support
Rating a resource

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"It's helped us to reach all those students who haven't had the courage or confidence to reach out"

Katie, Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) Lead - Rutland, UK

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