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Should PSHE be the focus after Lockdown?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Dr Bear and the team discuss PSHE in episode 5. They discuss what it is, but also why it should in their opinion become the major focus for schools post lockdown. We also have special guest Jayne Wright who is a PSHE expert who gives schools and teachers some great tips for when lockdown ends.

What is PSHE? If you’re a teacher or a student you will no doubt know the answer, but for some parents it may mean nothing other some random assortment of letters. Jez, Dr bear and myself – all in our late 30’s don’t recall the subject being taught at all. So what is it? It stands for Personal, Social, Health and economic. It’s the subject that covers teaching of personal development, social skills, sex education, health education, wellbeing and knowledge about the wider world, along with much more.

For more information please take a look at our article Should PSHE curriculum get more time?

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