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Introduction to the Life on Time Become Inspired Podcast Series

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Welcome to Life on time’s Become Inspired podcast. We hope you enjoy being here and go away with tools that can help you and your student personal development and wellbeing. Our become inspired blog aims are to;

  1. Give helpful advice on wellbeing and personal development for students, teachers and parents.

  2. Be fun, but serious with the advice it gives.

  3. Enable listeners to go away with useful tools you can implement immediately and make improvements to you and your students. Our content will be based on Life on times key principles below;

  4. Values

  5. Goal setting

  6. Mind Body connection – main sub areas Nutrition/Sleep/Physical Activity/Meditation, Mindfulness and ACT

  7. Attitude

  8. Confidence

  9. Leadership

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