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New Research Article: The Rising Levels of Anxiety in Adolescents

We're proud to have contributed vital new research to the July 2023 ‘Mental Health in Schools Insights’ Paper.

Published by Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie Centre for Excellence in Mental Health in Schools, the Insights paper is a collaborative effort between various experts, teachers, schools and organisations. This month’s publication (in association with the organisation Minds Ahead) focuses on the topic of anxiety.

For his article, our co-founder Jez Belas extensively researched and analysed rising anxiety levels amongst the 11 - 18 age demographic. His piece comprehensively delves into the statistics, the likely causes of anxiety in young people, and potential solutions for addressing the issue in schools.

Speaking about his article, Jez adds:

“Rising anxiety levels is an issue that has been highlighted in numerous recent reports. This work confirms that young people are struggling in UK schools - and that educators must continue to push towards a way to support more [adolescents] effectively.”

In March 2023, Jez and Dr Alistair Bailie introduced a new survey to the youHQ digital whole-school wellbeing and personal development platform. The GAD-7 questionnaire (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) is a renowned tool employed by psychologists to measure and assess anxiety. Primary data from the GAD-7 survey, alongside youHQ wellbeing attributors, was anonymised and utilised within the July 2023 research article.

The editor of the Mental Health in Schools publication, Clare Roberts (@cerasmusteach), writes:

“I am delighted that we have some very insightful case studies for both primary & secondary settings. An enlightening think piece on the role of digital innovation in supporting anxiety amongst young people and most up to date findings, produced by the award-winning digital platform youHQ, from their 2023 research on anxiety.”

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This article was created by the team behind youHQ, a school wellbeing and personal development platform. We believe in helping the mental health of teachers and students through values-based goalsetting and wellbeing support. Our cutting-edge app is changing the way schools care for their people. Learn more about our work and our platform here and sign up for a free trial.

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