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4 ideas to help you cope with continued uncertainty…

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

In this 8 minute episode we give 4 ideas to help you cope with continued uncertainty created by the pandemic. The current Covid-19 has robbed us of the certainty and security that we are used to. We have all been pushed into changes to our natural routines and ways of living. Each of these changes may not seem sufficient to lead to people struggling, but as you start adding up all the minor tweaks along with bigger changes the stress and pressure build up. Add to this that for lots of us our usual coping strategies may be interrupted; the time and space we have for ourselves is diminished, and our ability to cope becomes more difficult.

Teachers and all school staff have all been pushed out of their comfort zones, in an already stressful job. Modifications to ways of working, being asked to be present in a personally more risky situation, being shifted from existing support mechanisms, the list goes on. Teacher’s aren’t just being asked to manage their own difficulties during this time, they inevitably act as emotional containers for students, parents, colleagues and their own families.

It feels an apt time to look at ways we can minimise the impact of all the considerable stresses school staff are facing. We offer the following ideas, not as a recipe to resolve all stress, but to prompt people to reflect on their own self-care and what they may be able to do to better look after their own needs when they are being pushed and pulled in so many different directions.

Written by Dr Bear and spoken by Jon Ford

If you are concerned about staff or student wellbeing at your school we have an innovative platform, which can help you monitor and improve wellbeing and personal development. Find out more below…

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