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Push forward PSHE and Personal Development with youHQ e-Learning Courses 🖥️

In my last few years of teaching, I became increasingly interested in teaching specific aspects of PSHE. Often referred to as ‘the poisoned chalice’ in the schools I worked in, it’s always been such a tough job to get consistency and quality. Let’s be honest, some of the topics are really tricky to teach.

Secondary school teachers are often specialists in one or two specific subjects, so to ask them to stay up-to-date and deliver on themes like sex education, body image, self-concept, and drugs is no easy task. It’s another one of those moments where teachers may say: “I didn’t sign up for this!"

At youHQ, we continue to listen to our growing tribe of valued customers. Our carefully created learning hub (for students and staff) has become a mix of original and curated resources linked to wellbeing and personal development. We wanted to offer students the chance to learn more about themselves, their values, their thoughts, feelings and emotions. We’re asking them to regularly check-in with themselves and with staff if appropriate. To get the most out of this process we know that students need the necessary tools to stop and reflect.

Image desciption: The Grow Section of the youHQ Learning Hub. This area is the new home of Health and Wellbeing PSHE mini-courses for students

Over the next academic year, we’ll be releasing a series of courses that link specifically to the Health and Wellbeing core theme of the UK PSHE curriculum. Once students complete their wellbeing check-in, they’ll be signposted to a suggested short video, audio clip, worksheet or course that best fits their current mood and emotion. In this way, schools can be confident that this portion of the PSHE curriculum is being covered, but in a format that best suits the individual student.

The courses have been gamified to add extra incentive and embedded into the student dashboard for a truly bespoke feel. Our first wave of courses focuses on students aged 9-14. Further levels will be created for both younger and older students.

Thank you to our youHQ user schools for their continued support and excellent feedback. This collaborative process makes youHQ better for both students and staff.


This blog was written by Jez Belas, Engagement Director for youHQ and Life on Time Ltd. Jez has over 16 years of teaching experience and until recently was Head of PE and Wellbeing at an independent school in Berkshire.

For more information about our school wellbeing platform and to sign up for a free demo, please click here.

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