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youHQ PA, the new AI-powered pastoral assistant for school wellbeing


Kent, UK - 25th July 2023 - youHQ, the whole-school wellbeing platform, is proud to announce the launch of PA, the AI-powered Pastoral Assistant. Designed to support busy teachers and alleviate their time constraints, PA utilises generative AI to create insightful, holistic pastoral reports for schools.

Today's educators face increasing challenges as they juggle multiple responsibilities within limited time frames. The pressure and time crunch at the end-of-term or end-of-year can be overwhelming, especially for teachers tasked with writing subject and pastoral reports for a large number of students. Recognizing these difficulties, youHQ has developed PA, a cutting-edge AI-powered solution aimed at streamlining school wellbeing support systems.

PA analyses anonymised data collected from student voice, encompassing mood, wellbeing, values, and goal-setting information. The resulting reports provide a profound understanding of each student's unique characteristics, motivations, achievements, and overall wellbeing and development. By assisting the report generation process, PA not only saves valuable time for educators but also delivers comprehensive insights that enhance the support provided to students.

Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) expressed his enthusiasm for youHQ's latest innovation, stating:

"Anything that helps to reduce teacher workload is a big plus for me. It's great to see youHQ championing the use of embedded GEN AI to help generate pastoral reports. This will give a huge leg up to teachers and leaders in creating insightful reports from actionable data on their already impressive whole school wellbeing solution."

With PA as their trusted, time-saving ally, teachers can now devote more attention to fostering meaningful connections with their students and nurturing a positive learning environment. Furthermore, the data-driven insights provided by youHQ PA will help school leaders make informed decisions for improving overall student wellbeing outcomes.

As the first and only school wellbeing platform and app to integrate generative AI for pastoral reporting, youHQ continues to pave the way for transformative advancements in education technology. PA represents a giant leap forward in supporting education staff and students alike, and will be available in our complete and essentials packages from September 2023 onwards.

For more information about youHQ's AI Pastoral Assistant or other wellbeing solutions, please visit or email

About youHQ:

Developed through in-school testing and trusted by thousands of users, youHQ safeguards school wellbeing and provides students with the tools to flourish. The platform unlocks valuable emotional health and personal development data - through questionnaires, goalsetting, snapshot surveys, and CBT-style resources.


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