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How student goal setting can get your teen through Lockdown

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

With the world going into another week of lockdown, we thought we would offer some simple student goal setting tips on how to deal with stress and improve your student well being. Some worrying recent studies on the mental health effect of quarantine in China and Italy show that up to 37% of the people studied in Italy are reporting post traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety and adjustment disorder symptoms (Rossi etc all, April 2020) and china is reporting a 35% trauma related distress symptom as a result of lockdown.

On top of this both studies have shown that these issues are more likely to effect women and young people. As our main focus at Life on time is schools student well being this is especially concerning. For some, these figures won’t come as any surprise as school and student goal setting plans have been postponed with no certainty on when they will restart and to add to this we have the actual disease; Covid19, lurking around every corner. There is no doubt that these set of circumstances will create uncertainty, stress and anxiety in even the most brave hearted student. So what can schools and teachers advise students to do on to limit the effect of lockdown on their Student well being? Take a listen and learn how student goal setting can help them through.

For more information on student goal setting please read our article on How to limit the effect of lockdown on student wellbeing

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