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youHQ Wellbeing Awards 2023/24: Who won? 🏆

To celebrate our growing tribe of schools and celebrate the wellbeing wins happening in their settings, we hosted our first-ever youHQ Wellbeing Awards.

The event featured five different categories: Prep School of the Year, International School of the Year, UK State School of the Year, Staff Wellbeing Champion, and Overall School of the Year. From one hundred schools across seven countries, only one winner and one runner-up were picked for each category.

The selection criteria for winners and runners-up focused on several areas, including the schools' overall engagement with youHQ, their feedback, and their proactive actions to enhance whole-school wellbeing. The competition was fierce and close-run, with many of our user schools demonstrating brilliant commitment to the emotional health of their staff and students.

To recognise their outstanding achievement, winners in each category received a customised glass trophy, certificate, and Amazon voucher. Runners-up were also awarded an Amazon voucher.

To read the full list of winners and runners-up, keep reading and scrolling.

To watch the awards ceremony and hear from all our winners, view the YouTube video below:

The youHQ Wellbeing Awards 2023 / 24

Prep School of the Year

Runner-Up: Sevenoaks Prep

International School of the Year

Runner-Up: Emirates International School, Jumeirah

UK State School of the Year

Runner-Up: Ashby School

Wellbeing Champion

Winner: Katie Anelli

Runner-Up: Melissa Claridge

School of the Year

Runner-Up: Bury Grammar

Navy blue graphic featuring the youHQ logo. White and yellow text on right side of graphic reads: Wellbeing Awards Winner 2023/24


This article was created by the team behind youHQ, a school wellbeing and personal development platform.

We believe in helping the mental health of teachers and students through values-based goalsetting and wellbeing support. Our cutting-edge app is changing the way schools care for their people.

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