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Week 8 and day 52 of a Teacher in lockdown…

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I’m writing this as a Teacher in Lockdown – day 52! As I make the joke “day 52 in the big brother house” in my best possible jordie accent to my year 10 Core PE class once more (as I am becoming accustomed to), I’m greeted by silence…

Fair enough in this case and I actually got a breakthrough this week where two of my year 10 students turned their cameras on during our third lesson on physical literacy and movement competency. Today we looked at lunging and twisting. Not particularly glamorous you might say. But we are all having to adapt, create and innovate and in our department we are certainly ahead of the game when it comes to using core PE to improve how our students move with proper form and how we track their progress.

As well as my usual round of Google meet lessons this week, I have started delivering a bridge programme to our year 13 students going on to study a sports related degree at University. With the lack of live elite sport on TV (although the UFC coming back has been a real highlight of my week) sports documentaries are popular right now. Not one to miss an opportunity, ‘The Last Dance’ (Chicago Bulls documentary on Netflix) and ‘The Test’ (Cricket documentary on Amazon Prime) have formed part of the programme! And it’s been great fun dissecting some of the episodes and linking them to how top coaches get the most from their teams.

So, once again, we come back to much of the positive messages the Life on Time team deliver. Goal setting, team cohesion, process, positive mindset, being a better human and so on. A more positive week in this rolercoaster ride at the Covid-19 Theme park. See the picture and short video of me delivering part of my aforementioned year 10 lesson where music has to be played to mute the eery silence!

Stay safe all…oh and stay alert too, don’t forget to stay alert!

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