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3 tips to help you get through Lockdown 2.0

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

In this short 5 minute episode Jon gives 3 simple tips to help you get through the new imposed lockdown. We thought it was a good time to offer some simple goal setting tips to limit its effect on your mindset and wellbeing. This pandemic has taken one key thing from all of us and that’s our sense of ‘control’. The reduction in our sense of control and certainty in the future breeds stress and anxiety.

So, in order to reduce this effect we need to get some control and certainty back. While we can’t be sure of the long term future, we can be more sure of the immediate future which is why we need to direct our attention on to short term goals. Goal setting is well known for improving performance and motivation but it also can be used to effectively improve wellbeing when your circumstances drastically change. 

If you are concerned about staff or student wellbeing at your school we have an innovative platform, which can help you monitor and improve wellbeing and personal development. Find out more below…

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