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youHQ is a professional wellbeing and personal development tool for schools and colleges. A multi-functioning platform to help you build strong, trusting, and meaningful relationships with your students.

What happens after sign up?

  1. We set you up (and SLT if you wish) as users on a FREE trial version.

  2. We arrange a 20 min online demo to show you how it works.

  3. You trial for FREE for 7 days.

  4. At the end of the 7 days you can choose to roll out the FREE trial with your students for a further 5 weeks.

  5. At the end of the trial you move to a paid subscription or choose not to continue.


Key features


youHQ Mood Tracker

Track daily/weekly/termly mood of each student/class or year through our simple emoji survey

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Wellbeing Monitor

Bi-weekly globally recognised WHO-5 wellbeing questionnaire


youHQ Snapshot

Blended survey of Ofsted/ISI-inspired criteria and school attainment self-assessment

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youHQ Focus

Identify and direct extra support to students that might need it - easily and remotely


In-app Safeguarding

Flag your concerns directly to MyConcern or CPOMS from within youHQ 


Teacher Dashboard

Restricted access overview of student, whole class, or a whole year. Filter by mood & survey scores

Why youHQ?