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Balancing human connection with technology

Sample images of the youHQ wellbeing and personal development app on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop computer.
For every child who suffers from a severe mental health disorder, only a third will get treatment within one year. So we asked ourselves, can a school-based application help? The answer is yes. 

youHQ is a multi-functional platform that allows schools to track student wellbeing, teach skills to optimise wellbeing, promote meaningful self-reflection and facilitate stronger teacher-student bonds.

youHQ offers a suite of features meticulously crafted to lay the foundation for more receptive and learning-ready students.

Our specialised tools are designed to facilitate self-reflection, emotional comprehension, articulation, and regulation.


Moreover, students can leverage the platform to establish personalized goals aligned with their core values, fostering a path toward academic and personal fulfillment.


Explore the youHQ features to discover how these transformative resources contribute to holistic student development.

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