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Forming a key part of their Teen 11 - 18 Health and Wellbeing programme, Leicestershire County Council have been working with youHQ to safeguard the emotional health and personal development of young people in the county. 

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The Challenge: LCC are always looking to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health promotion and prevention - through interventions which aim to strengthen an individual's capacity to regulate emotions, enhance alternatives to risk-taking behaviours, build resilience for managing difficult situations and adversity, and promote supportive social environments and social networks.

The Solution: youHQ was chosen for a pilot whereby pupils inputted their thoughts and emotions into a custom built online platform, one that can be accessed via a computer or a smart mobile phone. In April 2023, following positive feedback from pupils and staff, Leicestershire County Council signed a contract to provide youHQ to all 43 of the local authority's secondary schools.

Furthermore, in Summer 2023, youHQ launched the central dashboard for LCC. Created in response to council and MAT demand for wider wellbeing statistics monitoring, the central dashboard allows Leicestershire County Council officials to view mood attributors and data trends across the region, ensuring that resources are targeted to the issues that currently impact Leicestershire's youth.

Schools [...] benefit with being able to identify health needs and promote wellbeing of their pupils, as well as helping improve their health outcomes, the youHQ app is about strengthening young people’s resilience and know they can reach out for support, or simply offload.

Statement from LCC's Children's Health Commissioner, Sham Mahmood

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