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Waverley Prep (Primary) School

Based in Wokingham, Waverley prides itself on exceptional academic performance alongside a family friendly, nurturing approach to pastoral care. With an age range of 4 - 11, the primary school links to a number of Berkshire's top independent schools. 

Mood Tracker

The Challenge: To provide an age appropriate digital wellbeing solution that worked alongside Waverley's current whole-school strategy. Furthermore, the system would need to compliment and seamlessly integrate the school's established Google system.

The Solution: After setting up Waverley with both the Junior (years 2 and 3) and Secondary  versions of youHQ (year 4 to 6), team youHQ worked with the school to ensure simple onboarding via the platform's Single Sign-On login functionality. Fantastic feedback on the benefits of SSO for younger students was taken on board and implemented.

It has given our pupils a space where they can reflect upon their mental health and emotional wellbeing and a resources for them to build upon their individual character. The weekly ‘wellbeing check-in survey’ has given us fantastic data, enabling teachers to identify pupils who may need a little extra support and for senior leaders to get a picture of the general mood of the school each week.

Statement from Waverley's Assistant Head & DSL, Henry Mitchell

Wellbeing tracker

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