Sample images of the youHQ wellbeing and personal development app on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop computer.

One tool for whole-school wellbeing

For every child who suffers from a severe mental health disorder, only a third will get treatment within one year. So we asked ourselves, can a school-based application help? The answer is yes. 

youHQ is a multi-functional platform that allows schools to track student wellbeing, teach skills to optimise wellbeing, promote meaningful self-reflection and facilitate stronger teacher-student bonds.
youHQ mood tracker emoji

youHQ Mood Tracker

Track daily/weekly/termly mood of each student/class or year through our simple emoji survey

youHQ wellbeing monitor emoji

Wellbeing Monitor

Bi-weekly globally recognised WHO-5 wellbeing questionnaire

youHQ snapshot report emoji

youHQ Snapshot

Blended survey of Ofsted/ISI-inspired criteria and school attainment self-assessment

youHQ focus feature emoji

youHQ Focus

Identify and direct extra support to students that might need it - easily and remotely

youHQ for schools in-app safeguarding emoji

In-app Safeguarding

Flag your concerns directly to MyConcern or CPOMS from within youHQ 

youHQ teacher admin dashboard emoji

Teacher Dashboard

Restricted access overview of student, whole class, or a whole year. Filter by mood & survey scores