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Watercolour used for youHQ's no time, no tech, no problem campaign
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Don’t let time, cost, or tech get in the way of best-practice pastoral care at your school. If James’ story isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to use youHQ and upgrade your student support.

No time watercolour and hourglass graphic used for youHQ's no time, no tech, no problem campaign

Have limited time?

  • Requesting a free trial takes less than two minutes!

  • Our short twenty-minute induction is held over Zoom, at a time convenient to you.

  • We’ve simplified the process of adopting a new platform with our instructional how-to videos.

  • The youHQ Goal Genie walks first-time users through learning values and setting goals on the platform.

  • The platform is perfect for use during form-time, for those with limited timetabled sessions for PSHE.

  • Real-time tracking provides wellbeing analytical data and reports per individual, per class, or for the whole school in a few clicks.

  • Our automated reporting provides an end-of-term overview of user wellbeing scores and motivations, ideal for parents’ evening and improved pastoral conversations.

No money watercolour graphic used for youHQ's no time, no tech, no problem campaign
  • More than just a wellbeing tracker, youHQ helps you understand your tutees’ motivations, aiding their personal development AND strengthening pastoral conversations. It provides an insight into their wellbeing in real-time and can help discover the first signs of safeguarding issues. 

  • With a youHQ subscription, students and teachers unlock access to our ever-expanding library of resources, our internationally recognised wellbeing and mood trackers, and our innovative values-based goal-setting technology.

  • youHQ is available 24/7 for maximum flexibility and accessibility. 

  • You can try before you buy with our six-week FREE trial! In this trial, it’s possible to implement youHQ on a test group of students or teachers before introducing it to wider groups. Taking those first small steps will help you understand the benefits of youHQ and how effective it may be for your school!

  • We’re conscious that many schools have limited funds; our subscription model is designed with this in mind and to suit everyone. Schools pay an average of just 25p per student per month for youHQ.

Great value for money

No tech? No problem!

youHQ in school

  • Our web-based app can be used in ICT rooms, for longer class lessons or activities, and on students’ tablets/iPads, to check in with student mood daily during form-time!


youHQ at home: mobile app

  • Not all schools have equal IT resources and equal time to dedicate to wellbeing and personal development. So, we built an app! Students can download the app onto their mobile and start setting their values and goals at home, or access our resources on the go.

  • Schools can set exercises and resources on the app as homework! You can monitor their progress on goal-setting and values exercises remotely, through the teacher admin panel.


Limited access to IT resources?

  • We have a series of downloadable, printable tools. These resources can be printed and used in class, or taken home for use in their own time.

No tech watercolour graphic used for youHQ's no time, no tech, no problem campaign
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Book your 6-week FREE trial today

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