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Introducing youHQ, the only tool you need for whole-school wellbeing and improved learning outcomes. 


youHQ is a professional wellbeing and personal development platform for schools and colleges

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Preparing for early intervention

For every child who suffers from a severe mental health disorder, only a third will get treatment within one year. So we asked ourselves, can a school-based application help? The answer is yes. 

Tools designed for students AND tutors

Our tools have been designed collaboratively by teachers and clinical psychologists. They have been tested rigorously in real-life school environments to ensure they deliver the best student wellbeing care and teacher efficiency. 
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Goal setting is an established and scientifically proven technique used to improve human performance and enhance wellbeing, but what is values-based goal setting and why is connecting school and personal values to the goal-setting process so important within youHQ?


What are values?

The term values has a wide variety of meanings, but for our purposes, we think of values as personal qualities that we aspire to and wish to cultivate. It is how we want to behave as people, how we wish to relate to others, to ourselves, and the world around us.  For young people, it’s important that they have the opportunity to explore the type of people they want to be and what they want to stand for. 


Setting goals against values

youHQ allows schools and students to promote goal setting around their values.  Whilst the values act as the compass points, students can then set goals aligned to these values which can act as a form of marker points to help them stay on track. These can form smaller daily habit-based actions and long-term goals.


Keeping track of these values and goals can be difficult, which is why we have developed youHQ to help maximise the potential for students to achieve and live rich and fulfilling lives.

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“It really helped me stay in touch with my tutor and make a connection as we had more to talk about and they knew what I was trying to achieve.”

Leighton Park School, Reading

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